Broadband Internet Services

As one of Solomon Islands only three Internet Service Providers, SATSOL currently provides approximately 20% of the country’s Internet bandwidth. We own and operate the highest teleport in Guadalcanal, overlooking the capital city of Honiara, and we have built the largest wireless ISP (WISP) network in the country. ‘Last mile’ connectivity to customers is typically via point-to-point high-throughput wireless radios from base stations/towers located across Honiara. We also use fibre optic cable connections, and satellite dishes when appropriate.

We are rapidly growing our network both in terms of coverage and capacity, and are making a significant investment in infrastructure to ensure our network and services will be “fibre ready” when the fibre optic cable arrives in Solomon Islands at the end of 2019.

We offer tailored solutions to meet corporate customer needs including the flexibility to choose the type of Internet bandwidth preferred (C-band, Ku band, or low latency O3b) and the guaranteed service availability/uptime required.

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Jet Plans

Our JET Plans are self-care, high-speed plans designed to make the Internet more affordable for customers that don’t have many simultaneous users, and have a fixed budget.

Premium Plans

Our Premium Plans include all the extra performance features and options, and are suited for customers who need high-speed, unlimited, capped-price Internet for multiple concurrent users.

Satellite Plans

ISLANDS.NET is a fast, affordable satellite Internet service designed for customers, hospitals and schools located outside city/town boundaries, or mobile phone data coverage areas.


SATSOL and its Partners provide various Hotspots around town to keep you connected. Just purchase a voucher based on your Internet usage requirements (1 hour, 1 day, 3 days or 1 week).

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