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Step 1. Usage and requirements

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Voice calls
Minutes per user 0
0 MB
Video calls
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0 MB
Web surfing
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0 MB
Per user 0
0 MB
Video streaming
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0 MB
Movie downloads
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0 MB
Downloads & other traffic
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0.00 GB
How we estimate
  • 1 min of Skype voice call ~0.4MB
  • 1 min of Skype video call ~5MB
  • 1 webpage ~1.5MB
  • 1 email ~0.2MB
  • 1 min of SD YouTube streaming ~11 MB
  • 1 movie in SD quality ~1.6GB

Step 2. Packages and pricing

JET Lite SBD 450/mo*
Jet Entry+ SBD 800/mo*
Jet 1+ SBD 1,400/mo*
Jet 2+ SBD 2,400/mo*
Jet 3+ SBD 3,800/mo*
Jet 4+ SBD 4,800/mo*
Jet X+ SBD 9,600/mo*
Premium Plans from SBD 2,700/Mbps*
No package selected

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