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*Usage is multiplied by the number of users selected
voice calls (minutes) per user: 0 (0 MB)
*1 minute of Skype voice call is around 0.4 MBytes
video calls (minutes) per user: 0 (0 MB)
*1 minute of Skype standard video call is around 5 MBytes
web surfing (pages) per user: 0 (0 MB)
*Browsing of a standard webpage takes around 1.5 MBytes
emails per user: 0 (0 MB)
*Sending/receiving a typical email takes about 0.2 MBytes
video streaming (minutes) per user: 0 (0 MB)
*1 minute of YouTube streaming in SD takes around 11 MBytes
movie downloads per user: 0 (0 MB)
*A typical movie in SD quality is around 1.6 GBytes
downloads and other traffic per user: 0 MB
*Any other traffic generated (updates, downloads of music, gaming, etc)
MAX12.0 GB
0.00 GB
Jet Entry SBD 800/mo*
Jet 1 SBD 1,400/mo*
Jet 2 SBD 2,400/mo*
Jet 3 SBD 3,800/mo*
Jet 4 SBD 4,800/mo*
Premium Plans from SBD 5,400/Mbps*
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Please use this form to submit a request for installation. Our sales managers then will contact you shortly to update you on our ongoing promotions, give you final quotation and confirm the order.

You may also contact our sales team through email ( or by phone +677 25169.

Points to note
The SATSOL Fair Access Policy (FAP) prevents abuse of the network and allows all users to have fair access to high speed internet during peak hours (8am – 11pm) when internet usage is at its highest
If you reach your FAP data allowance during peak hours, the JET speed is reduced to the basic speed. Outside peak hours, it’s a FREE Zone when data usage is not monitored or controlled and the internet is always at JET speeds
JET plans are strictly pre-paid, self-care plans with minimal additional features, which helps keep prices low. However, you have full transparency of your account (speeds, data usage, transaction history etc) at any time by logging into the customer portal. Extra data during peak hours can be purchased if required from the customer portal – using tokens. Unused data is not transferred to the next day
We offer FREE Install for 12-month contracts, otherwise install is $1,000 SBD. SATSOL retains ownership of the equipment – so we can upgrade you at any time at no extra cost
Prices shown exclude sales tax