Connecting you
in Solomons!

Affordable & high speed Internet satellite plans
for remote areas

ISLANDS.NET is a fast, affordable satellite Internet service designed for customers, hospitals, and schools located outside city/town boundaries, or mobile phone data coverage areas. We can connect you anywhere in Solomons including Honiara! Download our brochure. 77
Unlimited data
up to 0.77 Mbps
Ideal for

Messaging tand voice calls
Web browsing
$3,200 SBD/MO* 1.5
Unlimited data
up to 1.5 Mbps
Ideal for

Voice and video calls
Light streaming
Online Collaboration
Business Users
$6,400 SBD/MO* 2.2
Unlimited data
up to 2.2 Mbps
Ideal for

Corporate users
HD voice/video calls
$9,600 SBD/MO* 3.0
Unlimited data
up to 3.0 Mbps
Ideal for

Multiple users
HD streaming
HD voice/video calls
Heavy downloads
$12,600 SBD/MO*

Key Features


This means no data caps… EVER

Free maintenance

Remote and onsite support services (excluding airfares, accommodation, and replacement equipment

Extended Support hours

Extended email and phone support hours (up to 11pm, 365 days a year)

Full account transparency

Speeds, data usage, transaction history etc.

Custom plans and satellite dish sizes

public IP address

Equipment purchase options

Purchase all equipment up front (including satellite dish, modem, cabling etc) for $25k SBD, or spread the cost over 1 year ($3k SBD/mo), 2 years ($1.5k SBD/mo), or 3 years ($1k SBD/mo)

Solar powered installations

Contact us to find out more

* As part of the installation, customers will be charged airfares for one ISLANDS.NET technician, two  days of accommodation, and the freight of the equipment from Honiara to the location of the service
* Prices shown exclude sales tax