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Broadband Internet

We provide dedicated Internet connections for your residence, business or organization in Honiara, and affordable Internet solutions for regional/provincial areas in Solomon Islands. We also keep you connected around town through our dedicated SATSOL and Partner Hotspot locations.

Digital TV

We provide up to 35 popular channels of Digital TV in three packages depending on your budget or viewing preferences. Programming content includes movies, news, education, entertainment, sport, music, children’s shows and religion.

Other Services

SATSOL offers a variety of other IT and Telecommunication services, such as Corporate Networks, Data Centre and Cloud Services, IP-Telephony (VOIP), Digital Security solutions, and Internet of Things (IoT). Our friendly team of experts will help you design, implement and maintain a solution that is best suited to your needs.

Latest News

Get ready for ultrafast Internet!

Reliable high-speed Internet is no longer a convenience – it’s a necessity for modern life! That has inspired us to make sure you have access to a high-quality Internet experience – in Honiara and across the country.

With SATSOL, you can access the Internet from multiple devices in your home or office, allowing you to:

  • Surf websites
  • Stream/watch videos, TV shows, movies and music
  • Stay in touch with friends via social media (e.g Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Call or video chat with your friends and family for free via Voice-Over IP applications (e.g Facetime, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype etc)
  • Play online games
  • Download and share large files or other content
  • Support connected devices and smart home appliances

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