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Broadband Internet

We provide dedicated Internet connections for your residence, business or organization in Honiara, and affordable Internet solutions for regional/provincial areas in Solomon Islands. We also keep you connected around town through our dedicated SATSOL and Partner Hotspot locations.

Analog and Digital TV in Solomon Islands

Digital TV

We provide up to 35 popular channels of Digital TV in three packages depending on your budget or viewing preferences. Programming content includes movies, news, education, entertainment, sport, music, children’s shows and religion.

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IT Solutions

SATSOL offers a variety of other IT and Telecommunication services, such as Corporate Networks, Data Centre and Cloud Services, IP-Telephony (VOIP), Digital Security solutions, and Internet of Things (IoT). Our friendly team of experts will help you design, implement and maintain a solution that is best suited to your needs.

Latest News

Best Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Digital TV in Solomon Islands

Fibre Cable Ship Ile de Brehat arrives in Honiara!

Reliable high-speed Internet is no longer a convenience – it’s a necessity for modern life! This fact has inspired us to make sure you have access to a high-quality Internet experience – in Honiara and across the country.

The Solomon Islands Submarine Cable Company Limited (SISCC) is currently installing a fibre optic cable between Sydney and Honiara as part of the Coral Sea Cable System (see The project also includes joining four key Provincial Centres in Solomon Islands (Auki, Noro, Taro and Honiara) by a domestic cable network that will ensure these areas can also experience ultrafast internet speeds.

As one of the few licensed Internet service providers in Solomon Islands, SATSOL is making a significant investment in infrastructure to ensure our network and services will be “fibre ready” to deliver the faster internet speeds expected by our customers when the cable is commissioned at the end of 2019.

We invite you to come into our office to find out more about this project and how we can help you get connected.

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