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Speed up
your business

Dedicated, fixed-price and fast Internet with optional emergency satellite backup

Premium Plans provide Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) – reliable high-speed service with optional satellite backup.
Our plans are dedicated to your organisation – you won’t share bandwidth; allowing you to make the most of cloud-based apps, link locations easily, video conference seamlessly and exchange large files without hassle.
Corporate-class 24-hour support and bandwidth redundancy empower you with the ultimate reliability, backed by service-level agreements (SLAs) for uptime.
The service is scalable – simply add more capacity when needed.

SATSOL can provide bespoke and competitively priced solutions perfect for your business needs and budget.

Flexible for your needs

Competitive pricing

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Lack of internet

Extra peace of mind

Time lost due to lack of internet can be hard to make up, not to mention the missed deadlines and delayed decisions.

Stay connected with international partners,
join video conferences, and share documents for a
presentation with our dedicated backup solutions.

Get uninterrupted Internet – whatever happens!

Add a satellite backup to your dedicated Internet connection.

In the event of an outage to the main Fiber connection, VSAT will automatically pick up the slack. Invaluable if the outage is caused by physical damage to the undersea cable that could take time to repair – time your organization may not be able to afford.

SATSOL keeps you connected!

Uninterrupted Internet

Get 50% off any Freedom Plan for your home

Buy more than 10 Mbps of any Premium Plan and enjoy Internet at home for half a price.

Buy more than 10 Mbps of any Premium Plan and enjoy Internet at home for half a price.

Key Features


This means no data caps… EVER

Uncontended bandwidth

Which means you don’t have to share your bandwidth with any other customers

Improved Support

We will help you to find the right plan for your needs, and offer extended email and phone support (up to 11pm, 365 days a year)

symmetrical bandwidth

Upload just as fast as you download. Every single time

Full account transparency

Speeds, data usage, transaction history etc., at any time by logging into the customer portal. We can also provide custom reports as required

Full flexibility

To choose the contention ratio, bandwidth/speed, latency, and guaranteed service availability/uptime that you need

Your own SATSOL Account Manager


Invoices can be generated automatically and emailed, or accessed via the customer portal

Service-Level Agreementsfor Uptime

Static publicIP address

FREE Install for 12 month contracts

Otherwise install is $1,000 SBD. SATSOL provides dedicated equipment for your premises but retains ownership – so we can upgrade you at any time at no extra cost. Premium high-end equipment is available for a small additional fee

One FREE ‘Gold’Digital TV Package

Including installation for 12 month contracts.

*Prices shown exclude sales tax.


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