Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wi-Fi and Mobile Hotspots in Solomon Islands

SATSOL provides two types of high-speed Wi-Fi Hotspots as described further below. SATSOL Premium Plan customers can connect to any of these Hotspots through their FREE Hotspot login, and other customers or visitors can purchase vouchers based on their Internet usage requirements (time or data). Download our brochure.

Partner Hotspots

These Hotspots are located at premises or businesses around Honiara that choose to partner with us to distribute SATSOL wireless Internet. SATSOL installs the Hotspot and provides all equipment, administration, backend software, and Internet bandwidth required by the Hotspot FREE as part of the contract.  Partners then buy wholesale Internet vouchers from SATSOL and can resell these vouchers at competitive retail prices to their customers, give them away to high-value customers, or package them as part of their services (eg room rate, restaurant bill etc). Contact us today if you are interested in becoming one of our Hotspot Partners!

SATSOL Hotspots

These Hotspots are located in various public areas around Honiara (eg Henderson Airport, SATSOL Office etc) and allow you connect your Wi-Fi–enabled devices to get wireless Internet access. Just choose the period of time you require Internet, buy the appropriate voucher from our office and get connected. It only takes a few seconds. SATSOL also provides 15 FREE minutes of trial/test access to Hotspots so you can ‘feel’ the high speed experience before committing.

Key Features:

  • High speed and quality Internet will attract customers/guests to your premises, and differentiate your business compared to your competitors.
  • No administrative, accounting, sales tax, or technical overheads – SATSOL handles everything including network security, performance monitoring, support and maintenance of the network.
  • No separate bandwidth fees – SATSOL provides all required Internet capacity for the Hotspot as part of the service. Partners just purchase Hotspot vouchers at wholesale prices from SATSOL as required.
  • Extended Support Hours from 8:30AM to 11PM, 365 days a year.
  • Partner customers can use Hotspot vouchers at any other SATSOL hotspot location – providing improved flexibility and convenience.
Portable and Mobile hotspots in Solomon Islands

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