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Get full visibility into
‘what is going on’
in your business

Internet of Things

SATSOL technicians use the IOT – “Internet of Things” – to let you measure many essential systems in your business to enhance performance and efficiency. Your own customized portal lets you see real-time data on metrics including temperature, humidity, fuel levels, wind speed, security, utility usage to name a few anywhere in Solomon Islands.

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IoT devices don’t watch Netflix or YouTube, they only need to send data, irregularly to the internet. For this long range Internet (LoRa) is very suitable. Utilising the LoRa open source protocol allows for the widest variety of low-cost sensors to be deployed. Low-cost satellite solutions are also available for “off grid” locations with all data kept securely on the AWS Cloud.

range Internet (LoRa)
Irrigation Managing

Irrigation Managing

Reservoirs’ and water levels are important for planning irrigation. Soil sensors provide objective and measurable data to support irrigation decisions, improve yields and manage water. Sensors can power valves and gates to automatically manage water.


Tracking livestock can give valuable insights and reduce losses – keeping herds together, triggering feed or water release when entering enclosures, determining ownership of animals and separation when required etc.

Tracking livestock
Smart meters

Smart meters

Smart metering for gas, water and electricity can save up to 20% through leak detections & timely repairs (water), allows for the metering of rural areas and reduces costs to utility companies.

Level monitoring

Using physical or sonic sensors it is possible to measure volumes or levels. Centralised monitoring allows for planning of routes to pick up or deliver based on need, as opposed to standard, pre planned routes. Also can help to detect leaks or fraud / theft.

Level monitoring

Parking Parking

Sensors help relieve congestion, reduce congestion and reduce pollution. Sensors can be set with timers to charge a fine. Information can be provided on the scoreboard or through the application on the phone

Safe cities

Municipal Police receives the alerts directly for immediate action. Monitoring movement to turn on lights only when needed.

Monitoring camera
Irrigation Managing layout

Radiation monitoring

OnLine data for transparency and monitoring, data available to use for research, etc.

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) gives you full visibility into ‘what is going on’ in a project, process or organisation like:

  • Complete data (and ability to store data)
  • Timely data (automatic collection of data)
  • Comparable and consistent (objective)
  • Cost effective to collect ( even in remote or widespread areas)
  • Full visibility into ‘what is going on’ in a project, process or organisation
  • Easy to assess, analyse, interpret, and present data
  • Allows for making informed, timely decisions (even automated)
  • Projects and processes can be run and steered more effective and efficient with better information and data